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Music for 15-Year-Old’s: Re-examining Nelly’s “Pimp Juice”

May 11, 2012

You want to put your feet on my rug?


Yesterday’s post put me in a player-pimp frame of mind, which led me to remember this jam from 2003 – Pimp Juice, by Nelly.  If you don’t remember it, watch the video here.  (Not the music video.  I put up a YouTube with the lyrics, because that’s important for the remainder of this entry)



Upon first listen, you might be assuming “Pimp Juice” is just a euphemism for semen.  How pedestrian!  This is Nelly we’re talking about here, not Pink Floyd!  There is double meaning and symbolism in all of his work!  But I understand the assumption, as I began to wonder the definition of Pimp Juice as I listened to the song for the first time in a number of years.  Luckily, half-way through the jam, Nelly knew we’d all be wondering what the hell Pimp Juice was, so he defined it for us, as thus:

Now your pimp juice is anything, attract the opposite sex
It could be money, fame, or straight intellect
It don’t MATTER!

Ahh, so Pimp Juice is whatever tool you have at your disposal to attract a person to sleep with you.  (This song was written in 2002, and had it been written today, I think a lyric would have been thrown saying something like – Now your pimp juice is anything, attract the opposite sex, or the same sex, depending on your pref!)

Now, before you go thinking this song is all about guys using their money/power/fame to woo a woman, hold on!  Because pimp juice is not merely regulated to men:

Bitches got the pimp juice too
Come to think about it – dirty, they got more than we do
They got mo’ – juice in they talk, got mo’ juice in they walk
They got mo’ – juice in they pants, OOH GOD DAMN!

You see, ladies?  YOU have more pimp juice than we do!  I think if Nelly were here writing this blog with me, he’d agree that since women have more Pimp Juice than men, you shouldn’t sit around waiting for your knight-in-shining-armor to come sweep you away.  You got the Juice, go out and get the man you want yourself!

Pimp Juice seems to be the great equalizer in life, as well, as per this lyric:

Pimp juice is color blind
You find it work on all color creeds and kinds
From ages 50 right down to 9

So nobody is immune to the Juice, no matter your race or religious beliefs, although I’m a little concerned that it’s being used on 9-year-old’s.  And apparently it’s ineffective when you’re over the age of fifty, which seems odd.  There are plenty of couples over the age of fifty getting it on (try not to think about it too much!), and I’m sure Pimp Juice has a lot to do with that.  I mean, we have a whole series of erectile drugs on the market to assist the older couples to make sure their Pimp Juice doesn’t go to waste!  This might be the only part of the song I disagree with.

So Happy Friday everyone!  May your Pimp Juice be flowing with abundance this weekend!



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