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In Memoriam: R.I.P. Draw Something

October 20, 2012

A ghost town on iPhones across the nation

I know I’m months late in writing about this, but I always wanted to get my thoughts down about this smart phone game, and this cloudy, rainy day finally allows me to do so.

You all remember when Draw Something burst into the realm of smart phone games.  It was a virtual Pictionary, and we all spent hours drawing things to each other and guessing what it was.  It was all the rage for about a month, but then its popularity plummeted faster than the second season of Heroes.  Now it is the MySpace of smart phone games.  I logged into it last night, and a long line of abandoned games with my friends sat there – a virtual ghost town of a fad whose time has long since passed.

So why did we all dump Draw Something like the overeager boyfriend/girlfriend who moves much too fast and wants to get married four months into dating?  A couple of reasons.  1. The game never ended.  You and a friend could keep drawing pictures with each other until your last, dying breath, with the only goal being collecting coins in order to “buy” additional colors.  BOR-ing.  With no winners or losers, the app became less a game and more an excuse to kill three minutes of time when bored.  Once people realized how many precious minutes of their lives they wasted drawing worthless pictures for each other, they bounced out.  2.  The same words over and over again.  How many times were we supposed to draw a picture of Lady Gaga?  By the time the overlords of the “game” realized users were getting sick of drawing the same twenty words over and over, they added more.  But it was too little, too late, and by that time, Draw Something had been left for dead.  3.  When it comes down to it, drawing pictures just isn’t as mentally stimulating as spelling words, which is why Words with Friends continues to dominate.  Hell, trying to figure out how to kill those pigs with those Angry Birds is a lot more challenging that drawing shitty pictures.  People – whether they are aware of it or not – need to be constantly challenged, or else we grow bored and move on.  Draw Something’s demise is a an analogy to anything in life that loses its ability to challenge us – if it doesn’t grow and evolve along with us, we move on.  Such is life.

So now the app exists – for me- as an excuse to draw inappropriate pictures to my friends.  Other than that, it merely sits on my phone, a relic from a period of time.  I’m more than confident that if it still exists on your phone, it’s purpose remains the same as mine.  Rest in peace, Draw Something.


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