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Music for 15-Year-Old’s: Ginuwine’s “Pony” Creates Racial Harmony

January 31, 2013
Gather around honkies, and stare at my perfect six-pack!

Gather around honkies, and stare at my perfect six-pack!

Here’s a song I am remiss about not writing about sooner!  Ginuwine’s 1996 classic, “Pony.”  You might not know it by name, but you definitely know it!  I direct you to watch the video here:

The big thing that always stuck with me when during my middle school days when this song first hit was the unmistakable belching sound in the beat.  Since I barely knew how to even wipe myself back in middle school, I certainly didn’t understand the audio tricks producer Timbaland was doing (which was actually quite a unique sound back then), and I literally thought it was someone belching in the background.  So, every time it came on the radio, I’d go – “Sweet!  The belching song is on again!”  You can’t listen to this song without thinking someone is burping uncontrollably in the background.  It’s impossible.  Maybe Timbaland really did record himself belching (presumably after drinking a big can of Diet Coke) and used it in the beat.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case.

The video tells the tale of Ginuwine and his crew taking a trip into a honkey-tonk, white bred country bar for a couple of beers, a few rounds of pool, and  for Ginuwine to dance like a stripper in front of a bunch of rednecks with his shirt off.  Honestly, I don’t think these country honkey-tonks are upset that a bunch of black guys are infiltrating their bar – I think the source of their ire is Ginuwine flailing in front of them, his crotch thrusting forward, and showing off his chiseled abs.  I’m no redneck racist from the south, but I’d be just as upset if a shirtless Ginuwine kept gyrating in front of me while I was trying to knock back a few suds and watch a football game.

Fortunately, Ginuwine’s obsession with his chest and abs isn’t enough to cause a complete riot of blacks vs. whites in the bar, as the two sides come together and become friends in the end.  I feel this video best encapsulates what the song “Pony” has done for our society, in general.  Seventeen years later, this song still plays on most of the dance floors around the globe, and everybody bumps and grinds to it, no matter your skin tone.  I feel if the leaders of Israel and Palestine just got together on a dance floor and bumped to “Pony,” that the conflict between the two would instantly end – at least for four minutes.  Even whities who don’t give two shits about R&B or hip hop genuinely enjoy this jam.  Never have I seen our country more united than when this song is played.

Does this mean Ginuwine should run for President in four years?  Maybe – as long as Timbaland is continuously belching in the background during all of his speeches.


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