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Music Notes: Real Life’s “Send Me An Angel” – from The Wizard!

February 4, 2014

This is a song you all know, but if you don’t recognize it at first, that’s probably because it’s buried deep in the recesses of your mind.  It’s the 1983 classic song, “Send Me An Angle” by Real Life:

I don’t have much to write about in terms of the music video.  It’s a random collection of things that was the norm in entertainment made during the 80’s.  I think because everyone was so hopped up on cocaine back then that they just decided to throw into music videos whatever images popped into their minds, with nary a second thought as to why ever given.  Case in point – this video tells the story of Chewbacca running through the forest trying to rape some girl, only to be defeated by a 14-year-old Robin Hood.  Or something.  I dunno, it’s hard to tell, and constantly cutting back to lead singer David Sterry’s goofy mug makes it all the more distracting.

But this music video isn’t what made this song famous for people my age.  If you’re still having trouble figuring out where you heard this song in your life, the answer lay in THIS video:

Yep, it was featured prominently in a montage in the middle of the 1989 kiddie film, “The Wizard.”  You know, the movie in which Fred Savage has to hitchhike with his little brother to Reno in order to play “Super Mario Bros. 3.”  If you’re in your early 30’s, there is no way this movie didn’t cross through your childhood at some point.  I feel like there must’ve been an entire channel that just played this movie around the clock, that’s how much I seemed to have watched and re-watched it throughout my childhood.  But now, just viewing this montage, I don’t think I could bring myself to view the entire movie as an adult.  Not just because it’s the typical “kids know everything, adults are dumb” motif that permeates all children’s entertainment, but because this has to be the most boring montage in all of cinema.  They drive past a kiddie roller coaster, a statue spider hovering over a car, and… Beau Bridges driving with Christian Slater, sweat glistening off their doughy faces.  Yeah, not much there.  Although, I guess if you’re a kid, it’s enough to get swept up in the adventure of the story, all while dancing to the pulsating beat of “Send Me An Angel.”

Also, you could never film a scene in which three kids hitch rides with some Hell’s Angels motorcycle group today.  That just screams of Chewbacca-style rape… in real life.


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