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Commercial Break: Ray Liotta’s Tequila Drinking Douche Bag Character Returns

May 7, 2014

I’m back, Ready Readers!  Sorry for such a long delay, but various other projects have derailed my blog writing updates!  Since I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs almost every night these days, I am being subjected to more commercials than I ever usually am (99% of my TV watching is via DVR, where I gleefully skip through the commercials like two new lovers skipping through a field of dandelions).  But watching live TV again has forced me to view what is always the unwatchable: commercials.  And it looks like my old friend Ray Liotta is back, hawking 1800 Tequila in this newest ad:

As I did with my previous post, let us examine the ways Ray Liotta is a douche in this spot:

1. He gets out of his car in the middle of a traffic jam.  Without nary a thought to paying his taxi driver, Ray can’t sit and wait for the traffic to clear like everyone else.  He needs to be drunk during it, which is a sign of alcoholism that he should probably look into.  No doubt cut from the commercial was his cab driver yelling: “Hey, prick, get back here and pay me!  I knew you were a douche the moment I saw your plastic surgery stretched face!”

2. He orders a drink at the bar by staring at the bartender like a douche.  It’s common drinking knowledge that if you don’t specify what brand of alcohol you want to drink, the bartender will go to the cheap stuff sitting in the well.  Of course the bartender is going to pour you the shit tequila unless you specify!  After a beat of the awkward silence, the bartender must’ve thought: “Oh, well clearly this guy is a douche, and every douche bag that comes in here orders 1800 Tequila, so I guess he wants that.”  If I had been working that bar, I’d say: “Use your words, ugly bird!”

3. He laughs like a maniacal douche after his shot is poured.  He can barely get his mouth to make a full grin, the plastic surgery has constricted his facial movements so much.  The Joker has a better mug when he laughs like a maniac than this guy.

As I stated in the previous post, I still think this marketing direction is the wrong way to go.  Tequila will always be associated with college girls taking shots before they shake their rumps on the dance floor, and not with super masculine old dudes drinking in dark dive bars.  I guess 1800 Tequila is trying to change the image of tequila by placing it in the bourbon setting of old, tough guys drinking hard liquor.  But I don’t think it’s working, and especially not with douche bag Ray Liotta.  Now, if you had Bryan Cranston ordering 1800 Tequila, then I might try the stuff.  He’s a cool dude.


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  1. July 19, 2014 4:11 am

    Dear pete, to call Mr ray liotta a douchebag is quick, easy, and just a misguided sense of your personal angst.
    So many people get douchebag status but ray has yet not gone there. He is still on high. He sells this. If i were at a bar and I got that stare from him….I would polish off the jim beam, the beer, any shot before me, my date’s fru fru concoction and start from scratch with that icy 1800. I’m perfectly satiated and drunk right now but yet I am craving that 1800. The commercial works….and I love to say that.

    So 2 big things-

    Number 1- If Robert De Niro did the same scenario I would think what a douche. Sam jackson, Tommy from good fellas or Tommy from casino. ..same thing….we are talking douche central. Really any a-list er worth that status pulls that shit and I will make sure my grandchildren never touch that poison.

    But liotta? No way. He still clearly owns that underground cool. Goddamn right u better have liotta drink ready if it is 1800. Don’t fuck that up.

    If Brad Pitt pulled that shit and was quietly without a sound waiting for his hamburger while the befuddled cook ran into himself trying to serve him his hamburger…I would become a vegetarian. Fuck yeah. I would grow giant ears and eat carrots.

    You are wrong about liotta being a douchebag fir that commercial. That commercial worked.

    And 2- I hate commercials. They are designed to be annoying. If they were artistic, funny or sexy with a curve I would listen…hence liotta commercial. But most try to save me 15 percent on insurance using a nuisance hag.

    • August 4, 2014 9:26 pm

      No, Ray Liotta is a douche. You have it wrong aaronalberts.

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